Simple Fall Porch

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Taking it easy and creating an oh-so-simple fall porch to carry us through until the holidays!

Hello friends and happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing my very simple fall porch. I didn’t add any pumpkins or mums this year. I have gone all out in years past…

but just felt like keeping it very simple this year. This will carry us through till I’m ready to decorate for the holidays.

Before I get to that though, let me congratulate Pam E. for winning my latest giveaway!!
Stay tuned as I am planning something for the holidays too. :)

So…like I said, SIMPLE!

front porch with white rockers, fall flag, front door with wreath

Not only that, I did a bit more muted colors which I’m really enjoying. More plums, and ivories with only a touch of orange.
And an orange that is more in the form of “rust” colored.

Like these pillow covers on our bench.

white bench with rust colored pillows

You can find the pillow covers, here.

That table in the corner had a jar with branches (perfect for fall) so I just added some of the leftover leaves from the autumn wreath I made recently.

ivory grapevine wreath with ivory and plum and rust florals
Then I added a “fall-looking” harvest basket filled with faux white pumpkins.

jar on white table with branches, white leaves and basket full of white pumpkins

front porch with white bench and white decorated side tables on each side

The other side table got a big ceramic white pumpkin.

white small round table with green plant and white pumpkin

Looking towards the other side of the porch you can see the “hello” mat I recently repainted.
And our favorite rockers.

looking down porch with hello mat, green fern and white rockers

You can find the black and white rug, here. And similar “hello” mat, here.

OH, and remember I mentioned that I spray painted our faux ferns??
See it up there? Looks so much better.

The edges of quite a few of them had faded to a blue/green shade.

green fern with faded edges

Much more noticeable than I can capture in the photo above.

But I sprayed them with these two colors. (I went to several stores, this was the closest to what I was looking for…greens were hard to find!)

2 cans of green spray paint

I used two colors to give them a more realistic look. I couldn’t find links for these in Satin, which is what I used. I would have preferred to use Flat but I had to take what I could get/find!

green fern

So much better.
I may come back with a light spray of this color (or whatever I can find close to that) to give it even more of a natural look.

The “Hello Pumpkin” sign I shared on Tuesday.

white wood framed hello pumpkin sign on brick wall

I added two new pillow covers on these too.

white rockers with pillows table in middle

Love them, you can find them, here.

white tiled table with white pumpkins and happy fall y'all framed sign

Remember this tiled table I made some time back?? Get all the details right here.
And the “chalkboard”-look sign I made years ago. See how here.

white rocker with rust colored pillow and white table with fall decor

I love the subtle fall touches without it being an “in your face” fall decor if you know what I mean.
Simple, I guess really does describe it best.

But hey, sometimes I love the “in your face” fall decor, just not this year! lol

looking down porch with 2 green ferns rust colored pillows and white bench

I picked this flag at our local hardware store because the colors were perfect for my porch this year.

happy fall flag on hanger in flower bed

How do you decorate for fall? How about this year?? All our or just a bit?

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Oh so simple fall porch decor ideas! Muted colors of plum, ivory and rust to carry you through to Christmas!

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! For those of us on the east coast, it’s going to be a mess with Ian remnants making their way up. But so much better than what Florida had (and still has) to endure, for sure! Living on or by the coast is a wonderful thing, but can really be treacherous. Praying for them down there.


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  1. Your porch looks so inviting. I love the way you changed it up. Yes, Simple is a great word to use. Everything looks clean and refreshing. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. South Florida is in bad shape and so is St. Augustine. Jacksonville survived the wrath of Ian. Hopefully y’all will too. Take care. Get your projects ready. See you next time.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! We are dealing with winds and flooding here today on the coast of VA because of Ian but nothing like Florida has endured. So sad! xo

  2. So different for you, but very elegant and ooh-la-la! I like it. Also, once again your shipping from your Etsy shop was so fast: so fast I thought I would see you standing beside my self-delivered package. Thank you and once again I love my goodies.

  3. I have always loved your decorations. And I think sometimes simple is good also. My biggest question and problem I have in Ohio is…don’t you have spiders and bugs and webs that spoil the beauty of the porch? I am very serious. If you do have problems, what do you do to keep it so beautiful? Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Thanks so much, Diane! And yes, true! Oh, we do have those!! The truth? Good old-fashioned way…broom! I have to come out and broom around the front door, windows, etc., periodically to keep the crawlies at bay. It seems they are worst this time of year. I always joke with my hubby that we don’t even need to put up Halloween with all the spiders and webs and such! lol xo

    2. Maybe I just go with the flow and incorporate the cobwebs as part of the decor! Thanks for the behind the scene ‘tricks’. 🤫🎃

    1. Thanks, Lizzy! Yes, it’s a lot of work to decorate each season…and sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it! lol! xo

  4. Love your fall porch all done up subtly and beautifully for Autumn.
    I did the house in neutral all too this year and left my traditional fall deep jewel tones for
    another time.

    Great idea spray painting your fern back to looking real again. :-)

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